A1 Collision NY is also an Auto Body Shop located in Manhattan, NY. In our Auto body Shop, we offer cosmetic enhancement options for your vehicle through various body kits, bumpers, spoilers, side skirts, fenders, hoods, hood scoops, lambo doors, car painting, and window tinting options. A1 Collision NY also offers extensive repair services in our auto repair shop. Below is an outline of A 1 Collision’s top auto body work specialties; body kits, bumpers, and spoilers.

what is An auto body SHOP?

Auto body work deals with the outside of your vehicle. It can be either necessary such as a tire replacement or repairing parts after an accident, or cosmetic such as getting new body kits or spoilers to enhance the look of your vehicle.


Typically auto body work is needed after an accident to replace a door, a front or back bumper, tail lights, mirrors, and much more. Once the new part has replaced the damaged part, it is typically a good idea to opt for car painting as well so that the new parts blend with the overall look of your vehicle. Ever wondered why you would see a white car with a red door? Changes are, the owner of the vehicle did not go to a collision repair shop that offered both auto body work and car painting services.

WHAT ARE Body Kits?

A Body Kit is an auto body enhancement that replaces the manufacturer auto body of a vehicle for a more customized look. They can be made from fiberglass, urethane, ABS plastic, carbon fiber, or composite materials which vary depending on budget, manufacturer, desired look, and desired speed.

A1 Collision NY is an Auto body Shop located in NYC
Fiberglass Body Kits

Fiberglass Body Kits are the least expensive kits available if you are looking for an auto body upgrade. They are lightweight, resistant to warping due to temperature shifts, and can be painted any color easily. However, these kits tend to break down the fastest and tend to get chips in them more easily than the other options.

Urethane Body Kits

Urethane kits are a much more custom fit for your vehicle since they are made from a denser material when compared to fiberglass. They are more expensive and susceptible to warping when exposed to extreme heat. When it comes to selecting a Urethan Body Kit, A 1 Collision would recommend Street Scene Body Kit, 3D Carbon Body Kit, Extreme Dimensions Body Kit, or a Couture Body Kit.

ABS Plastic Body Kits

ABS Plastic is used widely by car manufactures because of its chemical- and heat-resistant nature. ABS plastic is more expensive and heavier than fiberglass, however, it offers superior fit and finish, and is resistant to dents.

Carbon Fiber Body Kits

Carbon fiber body kits are strong, durable, and lightweight. They are ideal for any car enthusiast that is looking for a kit that needs a strong kit without the weight penalty of metal. These kits are usually valued for their high-performance reputation.

Composite Body Kits

These body kits are made with a combination of chemicals and materials of the kits listed above. They are typically not commonly requested to A 1 Collision, however A1 Collision NY & Auto Care is skilled and experienced in installing these types of body kits when performing auto body work.


Spoilers were invented to control the flow of air in order to increase your car’s grip on the road and handling.

Auto Body Work in a Body Shop at A 1 Collision NY & Auto Care
Pedestal Spoiler

A pedestal spoiler is bolted to the trunk of the vehicle which creates a drag in order to reduce the vehicle’s speed.

Rear Lip Spoiler

A rear lip spoiler typically serve no specific purpose in increasing the handling and grip of your vehicle, they are purely for aesthetic.

Lighted Spoiler

Lighted spoilers give the functionality of a regular spoiler (in being that they increase the grip and handling of the vehicle) but they have a brake light, which increases the visibility of your vehicle.

Whale Tail Spoiler

A Whale Tail Spoiler is typically found on high-end sport cars because they reduce the lift on the rear end of the vehicle, and keep you from oversteering.

All of A1 Collision NY’s auto body work services come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty, with the ability to purchase a two year extended warranty from the A 1 Collision shop. Meaning, if your auto body work experiences any dents, scratches, or dings, A 1 Collision will fix it without any additional cost to you as long as the damages are covered under the warranty. Our goal is to provide full service for all of our auto repair shop.