A1 Collision NY is an Auto Repair Shop that specializes in collision repairs. If you are in need of an auto repair, A1 Collision NY has you covered, especially If you have ever been in an accident. A1 Collision NY knows how difficult it can be to find the right auto repair shop to swiftly and accurately repair your vehicle. Anything from a broken tail light from backing into a hydrant to a smashed in front bumper takes careful thought and consideration on the repair technician’s end in order to ensure that the repair is done right the first time.

When collision repairs, A1 Collision NY goes through two different processes depending on the damage done to the vehicle. Process one is the collision repair and restoration processes which include evaluating the damage, determining which parts need to be replaced/ or order, ordering the proper parts, testing the fit of the parts ordered once they arrive, sanding the damaged area of the vehicle for bonding preparation, and masking off areas to prevent overspray. Below we have given a detailed outline of each process.


A1 Collision NY is an all inclusive accident repair shop in Manhattan. Meaning, we offer auto body work, auto repair, auto painting, and collision repair. Meaning, that if you have a door that needs to be replaced, A 1 can replace the door, paint the door to match the color of your vehicle, and repair any sort of mechanical damages on your vehicle all in one visit.


An auto repair is a type of repair done to a vehicle that has been damaged in an accident. It involves a lot of diagnostic tests to figure out what is wrong with your vehicle and the proper way to fix it as well as working with our trained technicians in order to match up auto body parts and car painting to ensure a seamless repair of your vehicle.

What is the difference between auto repair and collision repair?

An auto repairs typically deal with maintaining your vehicle like schedule maintenance or turning your tires. Auto repairs could also be repairing a flat tire or checking your engine when the check engine light comes on. Collision repairs are repairs done to a vehicle that has been in an accident. These types of repairs typically deal with auto body technicians, car and auto painting, and with mechanics to check engine functions in order to restore your vehicle after an accident.

The collision repair process contains many different steps and processes to ensure that your vehicle is restored to working, driving conditions. Below are the steps defined.

Evaluate Damage

When a vehicle first arrives to A1 Collision NY, our team of trained technicians will first access the damage dealt to the vehicle by running a full diagnostics test. After we complete the diagnostics test, which checks engine function, break function, the transmission, to see if any fluids are leaking, and reviews all cosmetic damage, we will then determine which parts need to be ordered.

Determine Parts to Order

Once we figure out which parts are needed to be ordered, we will move onto contacting either someone from our internal body shop, an external body shop for custom kits, or the vehicle’s manufacturer for specialty parts.

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Test Parts for Fit

When the parts arrive into our auto repair shop, we will first test the parts to see if they fit onto your vehicle. If they do, we move onto the next step of the process. If the parts do not, we will either cut them down so that they fit more tightly, or order a new part from a different brand to ensure a better fit.

Sand Damaged Area(s)

Once A1 Collision NY & Auto Care has determined that the auto body parts fit, A 1 will then move onto sanding the damaged area to prepare the area for painting. This is done to achieve the maximum level of bonding between the parts and the paint. The parts are then masked off to avoid overspray onto unaffected areas. The last step of the collision repair process is to paint/ bond all parts together to seamlessly restore your vehicle.

A1 Collision NY is an Auto Repair Shop in Manhattan
Color Matching

The second process is our car and auto painting, color matching process, when entails using our computerized color matching system. We start this process by inputting the production date of your vehicle, the manufacturer’s unique paint code, and then input your car’s unique vin number. Once that information is put into our computerized system, we will have an exact match of your vehicle.

From there, A 1 Collision would apply a small amount of to the damaged area to test if the match is exact or not. Something to consider is the fact that the sun can alter the tone of your vehicle. Once an exact match is found, the damage is painted over and your vehicle is free to return back to you.

Final Inspection

At this point, A1 Collision NY will outline to the owner of the vehicle all of the collision repair work that was done to the vehicle and demonstrate all changes to the customer. You will receive an itemized list of all of the parts placed within the vehicle along with your final invoice for the collision repairs. There will then be a post repair inspection in which the customer will be involved in, after which you can grab your keys and get back onto the road.

If you have any questions, you can call A1 Collision NY at (212) 564-7100 or send us a message on our Contact Us page.