Car and Auto Painting is one of A1 Collision NY’s specialties. A1 Collision NY has been on the cutting edge of auto painting. From simple auto paint jobs to creating intricate masterpieces, A1 Collision has done it all. Below are four different types of auto painting that we offer in order to aim in selecting the best look/ finish your vehicle.

What Type of Auto Painting Should I Get?

It all depends on the type of look that you desire. If a matte finish is desired, a simple prime and base coat package is perfect. Or something glossy and vintage, acrylic paint is a perfect fit. Or something glossy, which is perfect for a dramatic color change, urethane auto paint will yield the best results. Again, it all depends on the type of look you desire.

When Do I Need Car Painting?

Auto painting doesn’t have a set time for maintenance unlike basic car care like changing your oil or turning your tires. You usually know if your car needs to be repainted, it could be anything from rust, to paint chipping, faded colors, scratches, to a necessary auto repair where your had to get auto body work done like getting a new door.

What Type of Auto Painting Should I Get for a Matte Finish?

A matte finish of paint can be achieved if a prime coat is first applied in either grey or black, which will cover any pre-existing color of on your vehicle. Next A1 Collision NY will apply a base coat of auto paint in a color of your choosing and skip the glossy clear coat finish. This would give a vehicle a matte look that lasts. However, there would be some sheen to the auto paint since a clear coat would need to be applied in order to ensure that the paint does not peel off.

I Want to Restore a Vehicle from the 1950s, What Type of Auto Paint Should I Have A1 Collision NY Use?

Acrylic paint is an optimum choice for classic vehicles since acrylic auto paint has those classic vibrant colors characterized by the 1950s. Acrylic auto paint offers maximum gloss and shine, and is perfect for showroom vehicles. However, A1 Collision NY does not recommend using this type of auto paint if you are going to drive this vehicle every day as the color tends to dull and peel when introduced to the elements daily. This is why acrylic paint was used more often before the 1970s, because cars were not driven like they are now, nor were the vehicles exposed to the same amounts of acid rain as they are today. Another reason why acrylic paint is not in modern days is because this type of auto paint did have lead blended into it. A1 Collision NY Auto Care & Auto Care could also recommend getting your front and rear bumpers’ chrome restored (or painted over with metallic paint for a more modern finish) to further the classic 1950s look.

I Want to Paint My Black Car White, What Type of Auto Paint Should I Use?

Urethane paint is the perfect choice for any dramatic auto paint color changes. This is because urethane paint can cut out the process of adding a prime, a base, and a finish, it is the ultimate auto paint cover up. Urethane paint can act as a prime and a base coat as it will not cause a reaction when it makes contact with other paint types or dramatic paint jobs. Urethane paints are affordable, dry quickly, and last for a long amount of time.

I Have a Sports Car That I Want to Look Eye Catching, What Type of Auto Paint Should I Have Applied?

Metallic paint was basically made for sports cars and muscle cars because it offers a pearlescent, almost 3D PhotoShop effect to your vehicle. This type of paint can even increase the value of your vehicle and it has the added benefit of hiding dings and scratches due to its highly reflective nature. Metallic auto painting is considered to be a premium style of paint and is relatively up scale, only high end collision repair shops can offer this type of auto painting, and A1 Collision NY is one of a few who offer this type of painting in New York City.

Auto painting in NYC
What Are the Benefits of Spot Car Painting?

In the event that you have been in an accident and your vehicle has any sort of scratches, dents, dings, or even rust, spot painting is a perfect option for revamping the look of your vehicle on a budget. Spot auto painting is especially helpful if you only need a small area repainted.

Why Get An Exact Match of Auto Paint vs. Using the Stock Computerized Color Matching?

Just because A1 Collision NY’s computerized color matching system has the production date of your vehicle, the manufacturer’s paint code, and your vehicle’s vin number, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the color will match. Meaning, if you use a stock color provided from your vehicle’s manufacturer, it may not match due to the sun damaging the color of your vehicle making it either dull, brighter, or darker in hue.

This is why A 1 will have our technicians do a test with the color from the our system on the damaged area to see how the color matches with your vehicle and adjust the color should it be necessary. This process ensures a perfect match for all of your auto painting needs. It also ensures that any auto body shop we perform will match up with your vehicle’s coloring perfectly.

A1 Collision NY & Auto Care will target the areas needing repair and make sure nearby panels of your vehicle are cleaned and block sanded when auto painting. Once we mask off the areas of your vehicle that do not need to be auto painted, we will then paint your vehicle, add a clear coat for some shine, and buff your vehicle before returning it to you.