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A 1 Collision NY & Auto Care is an auto repair shop that offers many different repair services to Manhattan, New York. A 1 Collision NY knows that even the tiniest of fixes can set you back days in terms of keeping up with busy schedules in Manhattan, New York, the city that never sleeps.

Within A 1 Collision NY’s auto repair

shop, we offer the following

repairs and reviews:


• New York State Inspection

• The removal of damaged body parts (such as bumpers, fenders,

   and grilles)

• Car Realignment (for car frames and chassis)

• Dents, dimples, scratches, and other minor body damage repairs

Auto Body Work

Car Painting

• Vehicle Restoration

• Windshield Replacements

• Removal of glass from a damaged vehicle

Tire Turning

• Part Replacements

• Brake Adjustments/ Repairs

Windshield Repairs

• Engine Tune Ups

• Window Tinting

Dent Removal

• Brake Fluid Changes

• Tire Turning/ Repairs

• Oil Changes

• And Much More!



Why Should I Go to A 1 for Dent Removal?

Trying to remove a dent on your own could lead to further damaging your vehicle and could require extensive auto body work in order to repair it. It is best to leave dent removal to the experts. A 1 Collision will either hammer out a dent with one of our specialized machines, heat the dent, or replace the damaged panel on your vehicle is the dent is too big to repair. Dent repairs, in comparison to all other auto repairs, can be a bit more difficult then they appear since you often have to look beneath the surface in order to complete the repair.


When Should I Get My Windshield Repaired?

You should consider getting your windshield repaired if you have three or more chips/ scratches in your windshield. Or if the damage is on the driver’s side of the windshield, if the damage can fit under a one dollar bill, or is the scratch runs longer than six inches.


At A 1 Collision we can have minor windshield repairs done within half an hour. Depending on your insurance policy, most windshield repairs are covered. A 1 Collision would also like you to know that any damage to a windshield should not be taken lightly as the damage can get worse depending on the weather.


When Should I Get My Tires Turned?

Your tires should be turned every three months (or every three thousand miles, whichever mark you hit first). It is a good idea to make an appointment with A 1 Collision at least four times a year to ensure that your tires remain in top condition. You may also want to consider getting your tires replaced seasonally in order to safely drive on the snow filled New York streets.



Why an Auto Repair Shop?

If you are tired of waiting weeks of months for your vehicle to be repaired by a DIY mechanic or through a mechanic shop that may be able to ensure that your auto repair and repair services are done properly, but aren’t able to offer auto painting services, auto repairs, or tell you your vehicle’s new auto body is properly aligned, A 1 Collision NY is the auto repair shop for you.


A 1 Collision knows that even the simplest repair of removing and replacing a single panel, doesn’t guarantee that it will match with the rest of your vehicle the way that it is meant to. When A 1 performs an auto repair, we pay attention to the details.


While a mechanic shop has all of the tools necessary to replace a panel on a car, they cannot offer car and auto painting services. This is because cost of licensing for the car and auto painting equipment in a shop that does not paint vehicles every day, is massive. A mechanic shop would have to relay on an auto repair shop in order to get your panel replaced. This is because, the panel would need to be painted to match your vehicle. However, A 1 Collision NY & Auto Care, can repair the body, color match, and detail your vehicle. A 1 Collision, prides itself in being an all in one auto repair shop.



A 1 Collision NY offers the following repair services: auto body work, car paitning, tire turning and more
Vehicle Maintenance and Auto Repair at A 1 Collision NY


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A 1 Collision NY & Auto Care is a repair shop located in Manhattan, NY. We have been providing Auto Repairs, Auto Body Work, Car Painting, and Repair Services in NYC for more than 35 years now.

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