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A 1 Collision NY offers 24/7 roadside assistance and collision repair in Manhattan NY. We also offer the following services for the five boroughs of New York: Car Painting, Auto Repair, Auto Body Work, and Repair Services.

The types of car painting services that A 1 Collision NY offers is: spot painting, matte, base/ basic auto painting, metallic, and pearlescent paint jobs.

Auto Repair Shop

Being in an accident can be a difficult situation, especially if it is late at night and you don't know who to call. A 1 Collision offers swift and effective assistance. You can also reach out to A-1 Towing for any of your towing needs.

Auto Body Shop

Our Auto Body services range from glamour work like adding spoilers or upgrading to a new body kit, or by repairing areas of your vehicle that have scratches, dents, or nicks.

Repair Service

During the harsh winter months it is especially important to maintain your vehicle to ensure that it will continue to function properly.

A 1 collision ny offers 24/7 roadside assistance and collision repair in Manhattan:


In addition to offering NYS Inspections, Tire Turning, Dent Removal,

and Car Painting, we also offer roadside assistance through our

partnership with both AAA and A-1 Towing . Our roadside assistance

services include towing, tire repair and replacement, locksmith and

car unlocking, fuel delivery and refills, and auto jump starting. Call us

at 212-564-7100 in order to learn more about our services.


Once your vehicle has been transported to our shop, our trained

technicians can begin working on repairing your vehicle. Regardless

of what type of repairs your vehicle needs,A 1 Collision NY is here

to help.



Car Painting in NYC at A1 Collision NYC

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Name: A-1 Collision NY

Address: 528 W 39th St Manhattan, NY 10018

Phone: (212) 564-7100

Email: admin@a1collisionny.com

Website: www.A1CollisionNY.com

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What we do


A 1 Collision NY & Auto Care is a repair shop located in Manhattan, NY. We have been providing Auto Repairs, Auto Body Work, Car Painting, and Repair Services in NYC for more than 35 years now.

(212) 564-7100

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